Gas fills

Need gas/air or oxygen?

Our pump elf’s offer the bestest air around...triple filtered like Smirnoff Vodka!

So how much do our air fills costs -

  • £3 - 3 litre
  • £3 - 7 litre
  • £4 - 10 litre
  • £4 - 12 litre
  • £5 - 15 litre

If you need more exotic gas (mixes including nitrox) we ask you leave the cylinders with us overnight to ensure you get a decent mix without rushing it.  For mix prices please contact us.

We do not fill cylinders that are used for Air Guns or Paintball guns. 

We only fill cylinders for the purpose of scuba diving.

We only accept cash in the Gas Cave as the Elf struggles with technology but luckily he is ok with giving change.