Solo Diving at Wraysbury

Wraysbury Dive Centre is one of the only inland dive sites in the UK which allows solo diving.  We are happy for you to come and dive with us but we ask that you strictly adhere to the following:

  • You must hold an SDI solo diving certification and show it to staff on arrival.  If you hold a PADI self-reliant ticket please contact us for further information before coming and expecting to solo dive.
  • You must submit a written plan to the hatch before you go in the water.  The information we require is on our solo diving plan.
  • If you bring your own surface support they must be monitoring you at all times.  Please still show us your plan before going in the water.
  • Solo diving on rebreathers is strictly forbidden.
  • Once your dive is complete please let us know that you are out of the water immediately and not after you have de-kitted.
  • There is no excuse for overunning your indicated dive time as this could mean that emergency services are called unnecessarily. 

Failure to stick to our rules for solo diving will mean that you will not be allowed to solo dive at our lake in the future.

If do not hold an SDI solo diving certification we do offer the course here.  Find out more.