Scubar (Our cafe and Bar)

The Scubar cafe is open all day, every day during our opening hours, offering you hot and cold food and drink to keep you going throughout your diving day.

Please view our current menu which is slightly restricted due to covid.

Please note that nuts and other allergens may be present in items purchased from our kitchen. For further information and before ordering/eating please speak to a member of staff.  If you do have any specific dietary requirements please speak to us and we will do our best to assist.  If you wish to bring your own gluten free bread - we are happy to fill it with yummy items from our menu.

Please note that we cannot at present, due to covid, accept any drinks vessels into our kitchen for filling.  Additionally, please note we do not have mains water supply therefore no tap water is available anywhere on site.  We have bottled water available for purchase.

Normal food hygiene rules apply so we are not allowed to store any of your own food in our fridges or heat any foodstuffs not provided by our kitchen.

Our bar has a range of bottled beers, wine and spirits (including gin menu) for you to enjoy.  It is open from 12pm until close.  We will not be able to serve you alcohol if you are still in your dive suits or intend to dive again and the usual licensing rules apply.  Only alcohol purchased from our bar is allowed to be consumed anywhere on site.  Our bar will be open again as soon as covid rules allow.