Start Diving

Well the good news is that you have taken the exciting first step in becoming a diver by searching us out.  Now it’s our turn to guide you through the steps and decisions you need to make in order to get you in the water, diving and having lots of fun adventures.

The Open Water Diver course is the world’s most popular way of learning to dive.  Sections of the course (referral, scuba diver, qualifying dives) can be completed separately and you often hear of these being suggested as ways to ‘learn to dive,’ however all sections need to be completed for you to qualify as an Open Water Diver and gain your full certification.  All your options are listed on their subsequent pages, however, the most common and we think, best way, is simply to do the full Open Water course in one go.  Once your course with us is completed you will gain a diving certification which is yours for life and you will hopefully be super excited about the prospect of doing your next dive.

For those of you who are not yet 100% sure about learning to dive, why not come and have a go during a Try Dive?  Let us convince you during your ‘try dive’ that there is no option – exploring the underwater world is AMAZING! 

Open Water Referral

The Open water referral is essentially the first part of the Open Water course.  It is perfect for those individuals who do not have the time to complete the full course prior to a holiday but who want to get started.

Open Water Qualifying Dives

This course is for those individuals who have completed their Open Water Referral programme.  It is essentially the Open Water diving section of the Open Water course.

Open Water Full Course

The Open Water course is the world’s most popular, fun and successful way of leaning to dive.  The course mix of theory sessions, in-water skills development and open water diving is perfectly designed to make you a confident, safe and happy diver.

Scuba Diver

The Scuba Diver course is a subset of the Open Water Diver course. It's a brilliant course for those short on time but who really want to become a diver, for example, before going on an impending holiday. This course is a genuine certification which once obtained allows you to dive to 12 metres with a dive professional.  The scuba diver rating can be upgraded to the full Open Water Diver certification at any time, if that’s your ultimate goal.

Scuba Diver Upgrade

So you now have reached the point where you want to upgrade to a full open water course.....  Whether you ran out of time on holiday or have now built the confidence to achieve the full open water certification, the scuba diver upgrade will get you the qualification to dive to 18m with a qualified buddy.