Open Water Diver

The Open Water course is the world’s most popular, fun and successful way of leaning to dive.  The course mix of theory sessions, in-water skills development and open water diving is perfectly designed to make you a confident, safe and happy diver.
What does the course consist of?

The Open Water course consists of three main phases –

Knowledge development: Following some home study and instructor guided classroom sessions you will learn the fundamental theory of scuba diving, ready for you to put into practice in the water.

Confined water dives: This is the in-water skills development section of the course.  In shallow water, you will learn all the skills required to enable you to venture safely and confidently into your open water dives.

Open water dives: You will conduct a minimum of four dives in our lake, practicing skills and exploring the underwater world. 

Master the above and that’s it – you qualify as an Open Water diver.

Why Choose the Dive School at Wraysbury Dive Centre
  • Our courses are taught in one location here at Wraysbury Dive Centre - no need to travel around at extra expense
  • Because of our facility we are able to give you more in-water time than any other dive school - no need to sit in a classroom all day.
  • All equipment, air fills, learning materials, logbook, certification and entrance to Wraysbury Dive Centre is included in the course price.  There are no hidden extras.
  • Our three full time instructors are professionals, with combined experience of over 45 years in teaching diving.
  • We provide you with the latest and best equipment.
  • We work with you to complete the course to ensure that you leave us happy, safe and confident, even if this takes a little extra time.  We provide reasonable amounts of extra time at no extra expense.  Many other dive schools wiill charge you for this.
  • We love diving and want to ensure that you do too!!
What can I do after this course?
Things to do after you qualify: New Diver Deal
Its now time to go diving for fun.  For just £60 Wraysbury Dive Centre will provide you will full kit hire, a dive guide and site entry.  Enjoy simply swimming around and enjoying the lake attractions.
Things to do after you qualify: Advanced Open Water
The Advanced Open water/Advanced Adventurer course is the logical next step for the majority of Open Water Divers.  The course consists of five dives, a deep dive, a navigation dive and three dives of your choosing.  Build your confidence and learn to dive that little bit deeper.
Things to do after you qualify: Go on Dive Trips
At Wraysbury Dive Centre we organise dive trips both at home in the UK and abroad.   Trips are organised for all levels of diver.  Just keep an eye on our trips page here and on our facebook page for upcoming events
Things to do after you qualify: Buy Dive Kit
You may have already bought your first dive toys but if you have not you may be considering venturing to make that first purchase.  We would always recommend that you purchase your dive equipment from a dive shop rather than shopping online (and its not just because we have a dive shop on site).  Buying in person allows you to try things on so that you get the right fit, get the right advice and kit for the type of diving that you intend to do and benefit from the experience of those that actually go diving.  You may also end up with a better deal than you imagined.