Things to know to make your visit a happy one

We want everyone to have a good but primarily safe day with us here at Wraysbury. In advance of coming, there are some things you should know, which can help things run smoothly and help you have a happy day when you are here. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff.

If you’ve never been before

If you are coming diving and have never visited our site before, please let us know. We can then help you out, give you a little tour and point out the best places to go during your dive.

Drinking Water

We do not have mains water onsite at Wraysbury i.e. no taps with drinking water. We cannot therefore provide tap water for drinking. When we refuse this often causes bad feeling but we have no way of providing this. We do, however, have bottled water for purchase in the café.

Early arrival

If you arrive early, i.e. before 9am, please wait in the carpark next to the shops in the village or at the carpark at the railway station. Please please do not park outside our gate or on the road outside. As you can appreciate, our neighbours get very upset when people park outside their houses early, especially on a weekend.


With the exception of purchases in the dive shop, unfortunately we can only accept cash for payment. We do not have another means of accepting payment so please be prepared and bring cash with you.

Entrance fee on arrival

When you arrive you be asked for the entrance fee. This is not a parking fee but payment for use of our facility for anyone who is getting into the water in any capacity. If there is no one at the gate to take your entry fee please report straight to the main building.

Parking / vehicles

On arrival you will be directed where to park your vehicle. Please kindly follow the directions of Wraysbury staff. Please leave your vehicle where parked and do not move your vehicle for safety reasons. If you are disabled (blue badge) and need parking nearer the café/toilet area please let us know (in advance if possible). Please also do not leave engines running.


We have a café/bar on site with a good range of yummy foods including vegetarian options. If you have specific dietary requirements please talk to us and we can try to assist in any way we can i.e. you can bring your own gluten free bread if you want us to cook you a bacon sandwich. Please note we cannot heat up, store or refrigerate your own food due to environmental health restrictions. We do allow you to bring your own food onsite but you will not be allowed to eat this in the café/bar area. There are picnic benches provided outside for this purpose.


The premises is licensed therefore you are not allowed under any circumstances to bring your own alcohol on site. We have a fully stocked bar – with a special gin menu!

Rubbish (Trash)

The dive centre sits on a nature reserve area. We therefore ask you to take any rubbish of your own that did not originate from Wraysbury Dive Centre home with you. Please do not discard of cigarette butts on the ground but put them out properly and put them in the bins provided.


As previously mentioned, we do not have mains water on site. We therefore do not have showers. The lake water is fresh water and very clean.


We do not have lockers to store things in on site. We find the best option is to leave things in your car/dive school van. We are happy to look after car keys in the kitchen whilst you dive.


Well behaved dogs are welcome on site but must be kept on a lead at all times and cleaned up after. They must also not be left unattended under any circumstances, this includes being left in vehicles.  

Please keep leads locked short at all times so as not to cause a trip hazard.

Dogs are not allowed on jetties, slipways or in the water.


Children under the age of 15 who are not diving are not allowed on site.  This is a site with deep cold water.  Any children who are diving here must be supervised at all times by an adult and never left unattended. They are not allowed on the jetties or near the water’s edge unless diving. The site is not suitable for ball games, swimming or paddling.  

Tents/Gazebo’s/Plastic based picnic blankets

We do not allow use of tents or gazebo’s on our site. Please do not use groundsheets or plastic based picnic blankets on our grass as it burns and detroys our luscious lawn.

Cylinder filling

When you take your cylinder for filling please be prepared and have your money ready in advance. Cylinders will not be filled until payment is received. Gas mixes including nitrox fills will need to be left overnight.


We do not allow swimming/paddling on site unless it is part of a diving course.

Solo diving

Solo diving is allowed on site if you hold an SDI solo diving certification. You must provide a written solo diving plan to the staff in the café area before getting into the water. Solo diving on a rebreather is not allowed.

For further information and site rules please refer to our terms and conditions.